What Rape Culture Means

Of you want to know why I keep pounding away on this topic, Think Progress offers just a few sample statistics to explain why this is such a problem. And the message needs to be heard by MEN, because the vast majority of rapists are men. It goes well beyond the actual act. It is about respecting women as people as much as you respect other men. Too many of us don’t do that, even if they don’t go so far as sexual assault.



One thought on “What Rape Culture Means

  1. Who are these students not in Ireland probably use or some other country mixes up with Ireland.
    If People who were Genuine Raped I great regards and great respect for them and sympathy for them in regards of time wasters who make up such allegation, no I have no respect or sympathy for those time wasters and Liars. But people who made stories up about been raped, seriously need help physiologically, and should be put some where for the safety of other peoples deformation and reputation in the future.


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