Another Mitchell Plitnick Blog? Is Anyone Really That Interested?

Well, as the title suggests, I have no idea if anyone will be at all interested in reading this blog, but I wanted a place to write some thoughts that have nothing to do with Israel and Middle East related politics, or with sports.

On those subjects, you can find my writing at The Third Way: Finding Balance In Mideast Analysis and on the rare occasion I actually write about sports anymore, you can find that at Diamonds and Gridirons.

This blog will deal with politics, entertainment, and whatever else catches my attention.

Here’s hoping you enjoy it.

One thought on “Another Mitchell Plitnick Blog? Is Anyone Really That Interested?

  1. This post is fantastic. It has inspired me to make plans to see this film on Mother’s Day. As a German Literarian and Linguist From UCB, I am a fan of beautiful, blue eyed Norse Gods falling from the sky and hitting you on the head with the metaphorical and life changing hammer. Seriously, though, they have done a wonderful job thus far, and Joss Whedon is an incredible choice. I applaud your efforts to break out of your comfort zone in Middle Eastern politics and post a more personal blog. You are an amazing writer, and I look forward to your literary ramblings. -Kathleen R. M.Ed.


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